And get CLE credit for developing your personal wellness!

An event hosted by Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc. (FLA)

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ALL FLORIDA LAWYERS are cordially invited to attend

The FLA 2022 CLE Workshop


This event offers five (5) CLE credits for $75, and will be held on Zoom during the afternoon of Friday, September 16th.

As an attendee, you will not appear on video.


Registration is required-- please click here or on the "button" at the top of the page. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email, as well as reminders during the week of the event-- those emails will come from Zoom/Dan McDermott.

Once registered, payment will be required prior to the event.


Payment-- FLA participants are automatically billed through Affinity-Spectrum but are reminded to submit their $75.00 immediately if they have not already done so.


If you are NOT an FLA participant, please make payment on our website-- -- and pay via PayPal. You will scroll to the bottom of the page, choose type of payment ("Workshop"), then type in $75.00.


Law Students attend free.


12-12:40: Brown Bag Lunch and Introduction to FLA

The FLA team and guests present a brief overview of services and confidentiality rules, and the "how and why" FLA assists Florida's lawyers.

12:45-2:00: Sleep Your Way to Safety & Success -- The Power of Neuroscience // Robin Wolpert, Esq, PhD, and Joan Bibelhausen, JD, share the evidence of sleep's impact on competence, focus,, mood, decision-making, communication, and ethical conduct in your legal practice and your life.

2:00-3:00: Defense Mechanisms -- Why Good Lawyers Can Actually Struggle More... // Leah Claire Bennett, PhD, explores "the attorney" personality, environment, and defense mechanisms that can make personal wellness efforts extra difficult for skilled, motivated, and responsible attorneys.

3:00-5:00: Allowing Grace and Mercy to Guide You to Happiness

Jennifer Angier, MS, leads a journey showing openness to "humanity" as the key to clinical recovery from trauma, addiction, and mental health concerns.


For Speakers' Bios and Presentation Outlines, Click HERE!



Note to FLA Participants-- Attendance is required under your FLA contract; please make all necessary arrangements to attend.


We look forward to being with you and will provide you with regular updates in the coming month.

On behalf of FLA, the non-profit resource providing wellness services and support to Florida's legal community since 1986, I hope you will join us on September 16th.


Warm regards,

Dan McDermott

Executive Director

Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc.

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Call Dawn to Register and make payment: (305) 753-2181

3 Videos - 4 Hours

Jennifer Angier, MS
Vice President of Addiction Services, Meadows Behavioral Healthcare
"The Movement of Grace"

Time: 2 hours

Patty Mohler, MS, LMHC
An Invitation to Change:

Maintain Your Purpose and Lead From a New Direction

Time: 50 mins.

Michael F. Nias, JD, LCSW

Lawyers’ Mental Health and Substance Use Concerns:

A ‘Chicken Vs. Egg’ Analysis

Time: 50 mins.


Addiction Specialist Charles "Chuck" Smith, D.O. PRESENTS

Time: 1 hour