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The Hagan Kilby Foundation is a Florida not-for-profit corporation registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation,  named for Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc.’s (FLA) first two directors, Charlie Hagan and Bill Kilby, who played an integral part in the formation of FLA.  Unlike FLA, which is primarily funded by The Florida Bar, Hagan Kilby relies upon charitable contributions which can be only used to lend money or make small grants to lawyers who are otherwise unable to obtain needed treatment for substance abuse or mental health conditions.  Such loans or grants must be approved by Hagan Kilby Trustees, based on financial need and ability to repay.  Obviously, without regular contributions to the foundation, such loans or grants which are so often needed, cannot be made. 


Please consider donating to help attorneys in need.  Contributions are fully tax deductible and should be made payable to Hagan Kilby Foundation and sent to FLA, 2335 E. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 410, Pompano Beach, FL  33062.


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