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Free & Confidential Help for Individuals in the Legal Profession


Free and Confidential Help.










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And get CLE credit for developing your personal wellness!

An event hosted by Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc. (FLA)

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ALL FLORIDA LAWYERS are cordially invited to attend

The FLA 2023 CLE Workshop


This event offers five (5) CLE credits for $75, and will be held on Zoom during the afternoon of Friday, September 29th, from 12-5PM.

As an attendee, you will not appear on video.


Registration is required-- please click here or on the "button" at the top of the page. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email, as well as reminders during the week of the event-- those emails will come from Zoom/Dan McDermott.

Once registered, payment will be required prior to the event.


Payment-- FLA participants are automatically billed through Affinity-Spectrum but are reminded to submit their $75.00 immediately if they have not already done so.


If you are NOT an FLA participant, please make payment on our website-- -- and pay via PayPal. You will scroll to the bottom of the page, choose type of payment ("Workshop"), then type in $75.00.


Law Students attend free.

Note to FLA Participants-- Attendance is required under your FLA contract; please make all necessary arrangements to attend.


We look forward to being with you and will provide you with regular updates in the coming month.

On behalf of FLA, the non-profit resource providing wellness services and support to Florida's legal community since 1986, I hope you will join us on September 16th.


Warm regards,

Dan McDermott

Executive Director

Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc.


12-1:00: Taming Disruptive Behavior in the Legal Professsion.

Philip Hemphill, PhD, LCSW: Understand your personality and character traits to achieve high-level success in the high-stress world of law.

1:00-2:00: What Should Lawyers Eat? Well, That Depends on . . . ! Tara Tyler, RD/LDN, CDCES: Boost mood, energy, and mental clarity with food that is enjoyable and individualized to your needs and preferences.

2:00-3:00: From Individual Therapy to Podcasts. Rich Rivera, Esq., L.A. Perkins, Esq., and Christine Bilbrey: Learn about great resources available to FL lawyers from the TFB Mental Health and Wellness Committee.

3:00-4:00: Your Practice is a Business: Manage it Toward Success.

Dustin Cole: Follow "The Six Principles" of a Master Practice Advisor and enjoy a career that is satisfying, bulletproof, and financially rewarding, too.

4:00-5:00: Gratitude as a Superpower. The Honorable John Kralik: Before Governor Schwarzenegger appointed him to the bench and he earned world-wide acclaim as an author, John K. learned to overcome truly dark days.

Upcoming Events


Taming Disruptive Behavior

Presented by Philip Hemphill, PhD, LCSW


Philip Hemphill, Ph.D., LCSW, is the Chief Clinical Officer at All Points North in Edwards, CO, approximately 15 miles from Vail.  He has practiced as a clinician, manager, consultant, executive leader, and board member for the past 30 years, and has extensive experience providing evaluations and treatment for attorneys and other licensed professionals.  Dr. Hemphill, through collaboration with other clinical specialists, pioneered some of the assessment and treatment methods used in cases involving licensed professionals with co-occurring disorders.  He co-authored a book with Marty Martin, PhD in 2013,, Taming Disruptive Behavior, published by American Association for Physician Leadership Press.  His second book, Integrated Care in Addiction Treatment (2022), was published by Routledge Press.

Dr. Hemphill has served as an Adjunct Faculty and Professor of Practice at Tulane University School of Social Work for 20 years, and as an Assistant Clinical Professor at LSU Health Sciences, Department of Psychiatry, for the past 23 years.  He received his master and doctoral degrees from the Tulane University School of Social Work.

What Should a Lawyer Eat?  Well, That Depends on…!

Presented by Tara Tyler, RD/LDN, CDCES


Tara Tyler is a Registered and Florida Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist, as well as a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with over a decade of experience in the areas of clinical medical nutrition therapy, weight management, diabetes management and education.  Guided by three principal beliefs – that food should nourish our bodies and honor our health goals, that food should taste good and feel satisfying, and that an individual’s dietary needs are as unique as the person is – Tara cuts through the “noise” and provides a framework for food choices that maximize energy and performance, provide pleasure, and account for each person’s needs and preferences.


Tara currently serves as a Diabetes Educator with Novo Nordisk, where she ensures “best care” for patients living with Diabetes.  She also conducts a busy and successful private practice guiding individuals with a variety of nutrition-related needs. Tara earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Metropolitan State University of Denver, in Denver, Colorado, and completed her Dietetic Internship with the Anne Brezina Dietetic Internship at James A. Haley V.A. Hospitals and Clinics in Tampa, Florida.  Information available at

From Individual Therapy to Podcasts

Presented by Leaders of the Mental Health and Wellness Committee of TFB

Richard Rivera, Esq., serves as Chair of the Mental Health and Wellness Committee of The Florida Bar. In this role, Mr. Rivera spearheads efforts to improve lawyer wellness and allow practitioners to avoid difficulties related to burnout and disciplinary issues. Mr. Rivera also practices law as a Partner in the Litigation and Intellectual Property Practices of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP.  Mr. Rivera received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Florida in 2009. He earned his J.D. degree, cum laude, from the Florida State University College of Law in 2013. 


L.A. Perkins, Esq., sits as Vice Chair of the Mental Health and Wellness Committee of The Florida Bar.  A veteran Florida intellectual property & brand protection attorney and a trusted community leader who has over 24 years of legal experience, Ms. Perkins exhibits a deep passion for helping other attorneys and developing lawyer support services to benefit all who work within or are touched by Florida’s legal community. 


Christine Bilbrey is the Director of The Florida Bar’s Practice Resource Center and hosts The Florida Bar’s LegalFuel podcast.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Legal Administration and a master’s degree in Business Administration.  Christine previously served as the principal firm administrator at area law firms in her hometown of Pensacola, Florida. Prior to joining The Florida Bar, she was a certified HR classroom and virtual trainer for the world’s largest credit union.

Your Practice is a Business: Manage it Toward Success

Presented by Dustin Cole


Dustin Cole is Master Practice Advisor and president of Attorneys Master Class. With more than 30 years of practical, in-the-trenches work with attorneys and firms across the country, he specializes in helping firms increase their efficiency and capacity, become more effective team managers, and create more effective marketing programs.

Mr. Cole has provided CLE programs on practice management, marketing and succession and transition planning and risk management for more than 75 state, local and specialty Bar associations, and has trained more than 11,000 attorneys in more effective marketing and operations.

He has been a keynote speaker at nearly every state Bar solo and small firm conference, has contributed to several State Bar law practice manuals and has written articles for dozens of publications.

Gratitude as a Superpower

Presented by The Honorable John J. Kralik


Judge John J. Kralik is an author, California Superior Court judge, and internationally recognized speaker who achieved his greatest success only after overcoming his own professional, personal, and mental health struggles. Author of A Simple Act of Gratitude (previously titled 365 Thank Yous: The Year A Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life), Judge Kralik has been interviewed by outlets including NPR, Radio New Zealand, Sports Talk New York, and ABC News. He has also written a noir novel, Three Bodies by the River.

Judge Kralik was appointed to the bench by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009, and has now presided in the Los Angeles Superior Court for fourteen years. He attended the University of Michigan for undergraduate and legal studies, earning his B.A. in 1975 and his J.D. in 1979. Judge Kralik practiced law for thirty years and was a partner in the law firms of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, Miller Tokuyama, Kralik & Sur, and Kralik and Jacobs.


John Kralik was born in Cleveland Ohio.  He attended boarding school at St. Aloysius Academy for Boys, where he graduated in 1969. He then graduated from Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills, Ohio, in 1972. He is married to Catherine Beyerle Kralik, and has four children, John, Joshua, Katie and Caylin.  He has been known to hike, run marathons for charities, and learn how to dance at age 66.


"It took many years, and lots of hard work on my part, but today I have rebuilt a life, a marriage, and a career to be proud of. FLA did that for me.” 




In an effort to achieve it’s mission, FLA, through its over 300 volunteer legal professionals, has promoted the formation of over 30 weekly support groups throughout Florida for lawyers, judges, and law students. Some of these groups focus on substance abuse issues and are attended by legal professionals in recovery or who wish to learn more about the recovery process. Other groups assist legal professionals dealing with mental health issues or dual disorders. The groups meet at a designated location each week for approximately one hour. 




Attorneys, judges, and law students recovering from substance abuse, or those who are interested in entering the recovery process, are invited to attend an FLA lawyer/law student support meeting whether or not they have disciplinary or bar admission problems. Particular issues affecting the recovering lawyer and the maintenance of their recovery while contending with the pressures and ethical questions inherent in the practice of law or the bar admission process are regularly discussed. The groups are completely confidential, and no record of attendance or issues raised is reported to FLA or to the Bar (unless required by terms of probation or conditional admission).


For those legal professionals dealing with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, dual diagnoses, or other compulsive disorders, FLA also sponsors facilitated support meetings. These meetings are run by licensed mental health professionals to whom a nominal fee is paid by the participants. As with the chemical dependency support meetings, the groups are confidential unless reporting is a requirement of probation or conditional admission.



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